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-- the owner of the texas thunder range is worried abbut. about.jerry mcccll, texas thunder range: "this country was built on god and guns and that's our heritage." heritage."patricia castillo, p.e.a.c.e. initiative: "the presence of weapons has always meant to us that people end up " dead." patricia castillo supports the treaty talks. she's an advocate for victims of domestic violence. without checks and balances -- castillo says weapons can do more harm than good. good.patricia castillo, p.e.a.c.e. initiative: "the colorado shooting is a prime example of this freedom to have access to weapons gone completely array." array." even if president obama signs the treaty -- the senate would have to vote before it becomes law. law.shooting range nats nats gun owners fear it's a more likely scenario than some . think.robert messer, jr, gun owner: "i think that becaase of the movie theater shooting that just happened, i really think that publicity might get a hold of them, then we might be able to sway a few senators to ratify this thing and that's scary." 3 family and friends of the colorado
have seen conservatives all over texas unite because the stakes in our country are too high. and people are tired of the nasty, cynical, false character attacks. and our campaign, we have not responded in kind. we have never once impugned his character. we have kept the issue -- the race focused on the issues and focused on his record and my record. that's where texans and want deserve to have the focus. >> shannon: i want to ask but real big endorsements that have come your way, throughout the primary runoff. sarah palin, rick santorum, senator jim demint. your opponent has said are, he doesn't think it's right for big names from out of state to tell texans how it vote, referring to texas. do you think it will be a plus or a minus for you? >> they're an incredible benefit. i'll tell you, wree we have seen conservatives all over texas and all over the country unit -- unite behind this race. this is ground zero in the national battle between the moderate sceament, desperately clinging to power and the trveggative tidal wave sweeping the country. we have seen just about every major conser
sur de texas, trabajan para mantener al margen a quienes operan con narcotráfico en la frontera, tenemos la información >>> en el valle del sur de texas, hay decomisos todos los días, tuvimos la oportunidad de acompañar a un oficial del condado stark en un operativo especial, en esta ocasión una camioneta sospechosa fue señalada por uno de los oficiales y fue cuando inició la persecución. >>> va por el lado contrario. >>> el hombre tiró varios paquetes, hasta terminar en un área rodeada por maleza, y fueron tras de él, el departamento de seguridad pública insistió en arrestar al sospechoso, y es solo un ejemplo de lo que enfrenta la policía del condado, para combatir el narcotráfico. >>> tiene que bajar tenemos que hablar contigo, no tiene nada de armas. >>> es donde normalmente cargan cargamentos de droga, ilegales. >>> en el área que patrullaban las autoridades, detuvieron a personas que realizaban actividades ilícitas, un poco después de las 10 de la noche, en un vehículo las autoridades encontraron miles de dólares en efectivo, los dos fueron arrestados,
shootings last week. family and friends gathered in honor him. another victim was remembered in texas. brother encouraged family to turn the tragedy something positive. had narrowly escaped a shooting incident at a malt less than two before her tragic death. >> you chase those dreams. not know how long you have. a private service was held in lake, ill.. a court document filed friday was a james holmes patient of the university of colorado's psychiatrist. expected to be formally charged on monday. >> her family has set up a scholarship in her name. >> the call rodham movie theater has sparked a renewed debate over gun control -- the movie theater massacre debaterked a renewed over gun control. romneynt obama and mitt issue thist the week. we recognize the traditions of gun ownership, hunting and part of the .herished national heritage believe that gun owners ak-47s belongthat in the hands of soldiers, not in of criminals. >> the real point has to relate individuals that are distressed and to keep them from terrible acts. >> this week, at an extensive punishment following the jerry case
. >> at least a fairly clear day tomorrow. >> and thank you, gwen. >> a gruesome find in south texas. rangers keep discovering dead bodies on several properties and it's starting to spread texas police way too thin. casey segal explains tonight. >> reporter: for years, ranchers across the u.s.-mexico border shared concerns about illegal activity happening on their land. we're talking about humans, weapons, and drugs being smuggled across their private property that now some say this they're seeing a gruesome twist. illegal immigrants dieing on their property as they make a trek across the rough and hot and rugged terrain n. brooks county, texas, 64 bodies turned up last year and officials say they're on track to go past 100 this year. the sheriff's department there has nine deputies responsible for patrolling an area nearly two times the size of los angeles. and. >> this is quite a task. quite challenging. every day is a new challenge. >> reporter: officials estimate the cost at about $1,500 per investigation for a department that has a total operating budget of $484,000 for the entire year.
was buried in her hometown of san antonio, tex t. -- texas. matt mcquinn is other being laid to rest in ohio. he shieldd his girlfriend from the gun fire. the charges will be on monday. there will be no cameras allowed in the courtroom that day and holmes is not expected to make statements. 12 people died and 58 others were wounded in the shooting. >>> the tax cut today continue on capitol hill. democrats are pushing for extensions for those making less than $250,000 a year and foxee peter ducey has more. >> reporter: president obama said his tax plan would give everyone a tax break but for the top 2% of earners. republicans continue to say since the top 2% are the job creators, it would not be smart to take money out of their pockets. >> unfortunately, washington democrats' default position is to allow everyone's taxes sky rocket if congress doesn't agree to their plan to raise taxes on one of the most productive segments on our economy. >> reporter: president obama said that is not right. >> republicans in congress and their nominee for president believe that the best way to create prospe
and especially texans for some reasons can be withery. >> a gentleman from texas asked me if it hurts to get your leg chopped off. three weeks later, a woman from texas, where did sleepy beauty lie. >> there's one big qualification for this job, and that's more than two decades of prior military service and that makes this job an honor. paul served in the falklands and the first war and when princess diana died he acted as pall bearer and the new guy clive has finished 19 years with the british military. he's an iraq veteran whose unit is now serving in afghanistan. >> i'm a people person, and to come here to the tower and spread the word about our fantastic history, warts and all, i couldn't think of anything better. >> these are great men, and so if you visit the tower during a visit to london, remember you'll be in the capable hands of a veteran. that is nbc "nightly news" for this sunday evening. i'm brian williams reporting again tonight from london. we hope to see you right back here tomorrow evening. for all of us here, good night. -- captions by vitac --
. this is happening in houston, texas, where the gun dealer was told to sell to these guy, and then the -- after cooperating with the federal government, they turned right around and slapped a federal investigation on them for selling to the cartels. and then in florida there's allegations of them selling to the mf13 gang and sending guns to honduras. as i said, it's difficult to keep up with all the news and evidence that's coming out, but there's definitely other programs that need to be investigated, and it's estimated that there was similar programs and at least 10,000 guns were sent south of the border whether it was into south america or into mexico under this justice department. and considering there's 240,000 documents surrounding fast and furious specifically, i don't have any doubts about that. yes. >> okay. so what is your view on gun control? because -- just like today in aurora, colorado, the mass murder of innocent victims. >> right. a horrible situation, right? but the bottom line is whether you're an economist or whether you're a pro-gun advocate, um, when you take the right of p
rock. 104 in san anglo, texas, this afternoon. more of the same as we kick off the upcoming work week and drought a big story. an update to that on thursday morning. looks a like a little bit of relief for the midwest and across the plains staying dry for the foreseeable future. >> yikes. i wish you were going to say they had rain coming. thank you so much. appreciate the live report. live coverage continues at 7:00 a.m. eastern, that being the olympics coverage to watchmen's volleyball as russia takes on germany and the networks of nbc universe ral the home of the olympics. we air in total more than 5,000 hours of coverage for you so pull up a chair. to watch the games live as they happen, go to >>> mitt romney has made his way from london to israel for the second stop on his overseas trip. the presumptive republican nominee touched down in tel aviv last night. he has a full schedule including israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. they talked to the media today about the threats faced by israel. >> as we face the challenges of an iran seeking nuclear capability,
of texas, pat robertson, they knew that he was a catholic with gay friends. he was also pro-choice. but they said it is a culture war, he hates liberals and he can win. and they put money on the line for him, people put their name on the line. he never made it to the starting gate. all the way to 2011 when the experts at national journal -- november 2009, the experts at the national journal on the political pull were asked for all the democratic candidates who did better than expected and who's surprised you by doing worse than expected. worse than expected was senator obama. better than expected was senator clinton. two days later, she lost and she blew it at the iowa jefferson and jackson center. you have to understand, there is a lot more contingency. as i started to work on the campaigns, one of the first things that i realized, and it sounds awfully simple, but it is not. there really are only three campaigns for president. there is the challenger from the party out of power trying to capture the white house, and then there is an incumbent, trying to hold and defend the
in 18 hurricane-prone state from texas to maine. florida and virginia earned the highest scoaz, in the 90s out of 100, mississippi the lowest, 4 out of 100. >> a lot of these states do not have statewide building codes. in some places the contractors who do work on your home aren't even license. >> reporter: rochman says higher standard cost very little, on average, 5% more in construction costs. >> not a lot more money. a lot more safety. >> reporter: rebuilding haul's store coast lowes $10 million. one quarter of businesses never reopen their doors after a disaster. >> still to come, a return to the bird's nest of the beijing olympics. my first thoughts were about my wife, and my family. i have the most common type of atrial fibrillation, or afib. it's not caused by a heart valve problem. i was taking warfarin, but my doctor put me on pradaxa instead to reduce my risk of stroke. in a clinical trial, pradaxa® (dabigatran etexilate mesylate) reduced stroke risk 35% better than warfarin. and unlike warfarin, with pradaxa, there's no need for regular blood tests. that's really i
yesterday in texas, ohio and illinois. >>> a local theater is also helping out those affected by the shooting. in hagerstown, maryland, the theater is donating a dollar from every ticket sold yesterday and today. the money will go to the colorado-based community first foundation. >>> the maryland man accused of planning a workplace shooting will likely spend next week undergoing a psychiatric evaluation. neil prescott is being held at ann arundal medical center. they found an arsenal of two dozen weapons at his apartment. police are waiting on the mental evaluation before they charge. >>> supporters of same-sex will hold demonstrations this week at chick-fil-a restaurants around the country. on friday, same-sex couples will hold a kiss-in at the restaurant chain. d.c. mayor vincent gray waded into the controversy while at an event yesterday. he slammed the fast food restaurant for what he calls hate chicken. mayor gray says he has always supported ljbt rights for people living in the district. >> when people who don't support marriage equality, it's the law here, people who do
amazing grace at the funeral for jessica ghawi, in her home town of san antonio texas. she was the first victim who was identified of the shooting massacre during a showing of "the dark knight rises". the 24-year-old had survived a shoot shooting at a medical in tort before she moved to take a job in colorado. >> want to leave you with two things. if this coward can do that's much with this much hate. imagine what we can do with this much love, and the other thing is, if you're putting your dreams on hold you stop that right now. you chase those dreams. you don't know how long you have here. >> hundreds packed the churches to remember matt mcquip. he died shield his girlfriend from the gunfire inside the teeter. she escaped with a wounded knee. >> lay down his life for a friend. >> american flags flew outside a funeral home near chicago. inside many fellow veterans and others saluted john larimer. witnesses said larimer died protecting his girlfriend. >>> investigators continue to gather information tonight about the man accused in the killings, james holmes. we now the that holmes was p
a number of people on january 4, and it is all communications we are aware of, texas, phones, e-mails -- texts, phones, emails, and the people in records from are ross mirkarimi, you, and kellie williams, so that is what exhibit 83 is, and there are seven pages of small text lines, so i have tried to pull some of these out. if you want to take out your binder. >> ok. >> exhibit 83 is there in full. i just want to know that in case you want to double check some of the things i am highlighting to make sure if you have any doubts about their accuracy. the first box is a series of texts at 10:55 from lopez teto you, and another at 10:56, but , we do not know what the context is, so i am wondering if you remember. >> i vaguely remember. she let me know she had an argument with ross and that she wanted to talk with me. that was the gist of its. >> had she ever confided her personal affairs with you before? >> never. >> were you surprised to get these text messages and? >> yes. >> did you have any idea she was going to do this to? >> no. >> you recall the wording? >> i do not remember.
businesses. with the annual mailing sent by the texas treasurer's office to food establishments, we mailed over 3000 food establishments in several different languages, information about needs for accessibility requirements, warnings of the potential lawsuits, and -- until we get that information to the businesses. we had three businesses contact us after receiving the mailings. since 2008, our office has conducted 51 presentations and/or workshops. i have listed here that 28 had been city-wide presentations and on the left-hand side is the district and the number of presentations per district. for businesses have access the loan program, 40 businesses have utilized the bar association pose a legal services, we had 25 articles in print media, 10 in the chinese press, seven in the chronicle sf gate, and in the examiner. we have not done enough outrage and effort -- outreach and effort into the ethnic, primarily the legend media. that is the third biggest business sector. we did a panel presentation on your legal rights with chuck finney and our office has seen 183 clients on ada issues, whe
san francisco, you can -- they can share a space with a religious republican from texas, but why would you want to do that? you know going in you will have problems and if we can avoid that on 11th street, i think we should and now would be the time. thank you. >> mr. president, commissioners. i am an attorney in san francisco, i specialized in entertainment venues. 50% of every large entertainment venue that has built -- been built in the last five years i have had something to do with. i am concerned about this plan and certain aspects. it is a good plan but 11th street mixing of new commercial condos and slims and dna lounge will destroy all those the news. half of my practice and people ask me what i do, immediate the neighbors, i go to hearings and it is all about neighbors coming in and complaining about existing venues. i was involved with the slim's situation, before they let that be built as live-work, they signed a notice of special restrictions. it is on the day that tells them they are moving into a 24 hour day commercial zone with nightclubs and living next door to a black
: there have now been services for 7 of the victims, and there are still more to come. in san antonio texas, karen brown, wjz news. >> and staff sergeant jeff c. childress was also laid to rest in colorado. for the latest, log onto >>> we have some severe thunderstorms threatening beyond tonight. let's go to bernadette woods. they've been lingering for a couple of hours, haven't they, bern? they have, putting down a lot of rain in a couple of counties. that first batch is making its way to the beaches where they are definitely getting some thunderstorms righteous now. no more warnings in effect for those. what we're watching is this next round of thunderstorms starting to develop. we don't have any warnings with those at this current full-time the tomorrow to the northwest of westminster is moving in your direction. switching over to show you quickly, this is how it's progressing through the night. an toirchg two inches of rain underneath some of these, especially in part of the eastern shore and came bridge. >> remember, wjz13 is always on for instant updays of the noarks and live
, marlen esparza, houston, texas. out of the blue corner, christina cruz, new york, new york. >> reporter: marlen comes out swinging. then lets christina run. >> come on, christina! >> there you go! >> yes! >> your winner, out of the red corner, marlen esparza, houston, texas. >> you beat her easy, man. easy. easy. >> because i was like, man, i was like, if i lose to the same person in a row, when i've never lost to anybody twice in my life. >> my timing was a little off. towards the later rounds, i was getting tired. she put more pressure on me. this time she waited a little, which i didn't expect. >> reporter: how did it feel? >> it felt really good. i think after she beat me, a lot of people were thinking maybe i'm not the one that's going to win anymore. and i think after that one, it was kind of like, it was just an accident. it was just a mistake. >> anybody checking in to vip? >> welcome to the 2011 usa boxing national championships. >> after i beat christina, i was done. i was like, i won. i kept having to tell myself, marlen, you're still fighting. get with it. you're still fight
victims in a rollover crash in texas. custom enforcement agents say the victims were from honduras, mexico, and guatemala. a damaged right-hand tire is being blamed for the accident. >>> this woman and this man tried to get married in their own church. the answer? no. the reason? because they are black. it happened in mississippi. they are angry and they are doing something about t stay with cnn. they will be with me live right here later this evening. >>> well, it's becoming a very long hot summer for a big chunk of the country. the heat is making people miserable. heat advisories blanket parts of oklahoma and arkansas. temperature turs spiking from 105 to 113 degrees are in the forecast through thursday. >>> well, the fight for the white house goes overseas. republican mitt romney is in jerusalem today touring holy sites and plunging headfirst into the middle east conflict. cnn's jim acosta is there. >> mitt romney stuck to his pledge but drew big contrast with mr. obama. the may headline, his call for jerusalem to be the undisputed capital of israel. that's something no other u.
of the victims and there are still more to come. in san antonio, texas, wjznews. >> staff sergeant jesse childress was laid to rest in colorado. stay tuned for the complete tragedy in aurora, log on to for more. >>> an investigation is underway after a boat sinks in ocean city. it happened 46 miles offshore. the coast guard said nine people were sent into the water and the boat sank a half hour after the call came in. everyone on board was rescued and is expected to be okay. >> police in south bam more are investigating a suspicious death. a man with trauma to his upper body was found on south charles street. >>> detectives say it is not clear if he was shot and we are awaiting an autopsy report. >>> turning to the olympics and all the excitement in london. michael phelps will get another chance to win a medal. we have the report from london. >> reporter: superstar ryan lochte made a big splash so far. he blew michael phelps out of the water. >> we were hoping ryan would win. he is the underdog. >> reporter: lochte said he was still in shock when he touched the wall. phelps could
for the 15 victims of a rollover crash in texas. the truck was filled with undocumented immigrants. customs, enforcement agents say they were from guatemala, honduras and mexico. a damaged front right tire is blamed for the cause. this man and this woman trieded to get married in their own church. the answer, no. the reason, because they're black. it happened in mississippi. they are angry and are doing something about it. stay with cnn. they will be with me live right here later this evening. and it's becoming a very long, hot summer for a big chunk of the country. extreme heat is making life miserable for folks in the southern plains. heat advisories and heat warnings blanket parts of oklahoma and arkansas. temperatures spiking, listen to this, from 105 to 113 degrees. and that's the forecast through thursday. >>> there he is, getting the vip treatment almost presidential treatment in jerusalem. the presumed republican nominee, mitt romney, today, he weighed in on the status of jerusalem. he tells cnn he considers jerusalem the capital of israel and believes the american embassy should be
. >>> and in san antonio, texas, friends and family remembered 24-year-old jessica ghawi. just last month she had avoid being injured in a toronto mall shooting that left one person there dead. following that shooting ghawi wrote iraq i was reminded we don't know when our where our time on earth will end, when or where we'll breathe our last breath." starting tomorrow flags will be returned. >>> and remembering the victims coming up in ten minutes how an idea by two people the bay area led to funds being raised for the colorado victims. >>> how fires in russia are sending smoke to the west coast. . >>> and down in goes, a bit of the history in new york comes crumbling to the ground. . >>> also a new u.s. navy ship is christened today. . >>> a bit of history turns to rubble in upstate new york. this demolition of the 19-story atanne's heritage tower in irondequoit near rochester. officials plan to turn the land into a parking lot for a nearby hospital complex. >>> the worst drought in decades has left crops dying. agricultural officials say crop yields in the largest producing states will be much
. aspiring sports broadcaster jessica was remembered in texas. >> you put your dreams on hold, you stop that right now. you chase those dreams. you don't know how long you have here. >> 11 of the injured are still in the hospital. >>> out of tragedy comes generosity. a group of high schoolers held a fundraising bike ride. the teens set a goal of $1,000 and they raised $1,050. even they they didn't know the victims they felt compelled to help. >> i feel like it's human nature to help those in need. and so from one community to the other. >> the vacaville police officers association heard about the fundraiser and donated $100. proceeds will go to the aurora relief fund that helps families, memorial services and medical bills. >>> at least eight walmarts in missouri had to be evacuated because of bomb threats. police did not find anything suspicious. this is not the first time the discount chain has received threats to to walmart stores. >>> today rescue crews will try to recover the bodies of two americans that went missing on a mountain climbing trip in peru. the bodies of 32-year-old be
the gentleman from texas. >> thank you, mr. chairman. the crisis of 2008 was caused by a number of factors. at this point, we can say with confidence that lack of authority by regulators was not one of them. instead of advancing age reform of our regulatory structure, dodd frank double down on the failures of the past by elevating the influence of the same agency that missed the last crisis. this notion that a new super council regulators will predict the next financial calamity is a fallacy. it further distract regulators from their core duties, to police the financial markets. we have already seen an example of this with mf global. this is harmful for our financial system and i am eager to look into this matter further. i yield back. >> thank you. before i recognize secretary geithner, let me say that the secretary has indicated that he must leave at noon today. to accommodate as many members as possible, the chair announces that he will strictly enforce the five minute rule. members who wait until the final few seconds to ask a question of the secretary should be advised that it will be
and the democrats in north carolina in early september. keith republican line. houston, texas. good morning. caller: good morning. i think the sad part of this whole election process is that what we're seeing in texas right now is this nasty campaign for senate. i'm a republican and i voted republican in that election, i think the presidential election we're going to see the same thing. it's going to be nasty attack ads and it's going to be decide bid what a hand. of states? because soment of the states p like texas were sued by the federal government. i think the choice is clear about who the president should be is mitt romney. it's funny that he started out the first thing she says is the mormon doesn't drink coffee. and we've seen under president obama that there have been an attack on the religious freedom of the united states with his so-called obama care, our unemployment is at an all time high since the great depression. our housing is under water. 30% of people's mortgages are under water and i guess the president wants to bail them out too and then we have a $15 trillion debt that we could
in new york city, keep in mind as we head out the door. very warm across texas and 81 in dallas, it's going to get hot there throughout the afternoon hours, triple digits for dallas, texas, 107 ab northward, high at 105 and extreme heat across the central plains continues and heat advisories in place and excessive heat warnings, and when you factor in the humidity, heat values well over the triple digits. >> dave: thank you, maria. i should mention that rick did land on the hot air balloon, in a farm and the man actually called the police. he wasn't so interested in them landing. i'm sorry, rick, i added-- i'm sorry, good times. >> clayton: good. we'll talk about this this morning, rick is a fan and rick and i have long talked about how we love chick-fil-a, when i first moved to the city we were on a mission to find a chick-fil-a location. >> alisyn: is there one? >> it's on nyu, and you have to know a student and-- you, but now others are started on the chick-fil-a movement and started by gosh huckabee and now sarah palin is supporting a candidate of her choice and made a specific
philosophy you stick as closely to the texas possible, in deciding whether or not a law is constitutional or not. and, one of the things in this book he does is lays out principles of sound judging, one of those, canon 38 is, you know, don't try to pick a fight with the legislature if you can find a way to say the law is constitutional, do it and i said didn't judge roberts adhere to the canon because he fondled a way to say it was constitutional by saying the mandate, is actually a tax and he said, no. not at all, because he said you cannot say a pig is a penalty and that is what roberts did, you you have to find a way, and, it has to be a -- to be supported in this way and there is no way to say the mandate is a tax when really it is a penalty. >> jamie: does he believe, the justice, the gun control issue will come before the court in short order. >> absolutely. not necessarily because of what happened in colorado, but, because they left it wide open and said there is an inherent right to bear arms and he was the one in 2008 who struck down, he was -- wrote the opinion that struck down
is with the militia . in truth the little bit, but they're still places in this country, texas, alabama, chicago , philadelphia win election from israel, the threat is ever-present, and to give you an exhibit will in philadelphia and many other citizens and more registered voters than there are adults over the age of 18 according to the u.s. census. because of a clue. what to me to put this will, there's simple steps. have they photo id to present at the polls and clean up absentee balloting. absentee ballots of the to a choice because you can register, applied for a ballot, then, and in many cases never have to present himself. kansas has been very good form. often require the you have a legitimate excuse to ask for an absentee ballot. they should make an effort to vote on election day. the few votes to early you have people voting before the last debate stiffeners. in addition, when you apply you have to give them the last four digits of his social security number, and that has reduced from dramatically. we are told this is the other suppression. we're told this is a return to the jim crow law
for four other victims of the mass shooting. >> jessica ghawi in texas, matt mcquinn in ohio, staff sergeant jesse childress in colorado and alex from arizona. the shooting suspect james holmes is scheduled to be arraigned in a colorado court tomorrow. israel is suddenly the focus of the white house race. this morning in jerusalem republican presidential candidate mitt romney met with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. on friday president obama signed off on a bill giving israel $70 million to help build a missile defense system. in neighboring syria government forces using tanks artillery and helicopter gunships are attacking rebel strongholds in aleppo, the country's largest city. rebels say they've been able to hold their positions. no more deals. germany's finance minister says greece must abide by the terms of its bailout. part of that means athens has to stick with its drastic austerity program. after a rather splashy olympic opening ceremony in london on friday, american swimmers created some waves of their own yesterday in the marquis match-up ryan lochte won the gol
ended up at graduate school at the university of texas, and showed it to professors and they were encouraging. a good friend of mine, also a graduate of the center, loved it, and offered to send it to his agent on my behalf. and that how i got it in. >> host: is this based on your experience in iraq? >> guest: well, i think it's a work of the imagination, that when you're half in without the experiences that i had. the circumstances that occur in the book is not what happened to me wheel i was overseas but i think the sort of emotional core of the book is something i wanted to get out there and communicate to people who maybe felt like they didn't understand that experience. one of the most frequent question is got asked, and a lot of veterans are asked, what was is like over there? and it's hard to know how to answer that question. that's really what i was trying to do when started to write the book. how do i contend with that question, what is it like? >> host: you talk about the emotional core what emotion do you bring out in the book? >> guest: i think confusion. you have a so
of texas. they go for the sweep in baltimore on sunday. >>> family day for the giants players, the kids on the field. fun. playing the documenters. -- dodgers. matt kemp. triple shy of she cycle. zito allows four runs in five. in the seventh, ugly. ellis crushes one to left. eighth of the season. 5-0 dodgers. yesterday's hero, hanley ram's, in the seventh, dours between the gap. prinze home matt kemp. ramirez, three rbis-dodgers crush the giantses 10-0. >> we're going to have games like this. you look like you're flat, and that usually goes when you don't hit. we need a spark somewhere. somebody driving in a run or doing something, and we're missing that in the last couple of days. >> it's the major leagues. nothing is easy here. so, we're excited to come down to it and we're almost to august. we're excited to come down to the wire, and fight it out for the next two months. >> mike: earthquakes hosting the chicago fire oning wig day. ross from outside the box. eighth minute of stoppage time. lenhart drills it in. san jose dodges. 1-1 the final. >> we want to give you olympic updates so
in a service in texas funeral services for matt oquin. james holmes is said to be charged on monday for killing 12 people and wounding others a week ago. >> governor mitt romney is in isram. he had a meeting with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and a sit down meeting with the palestinian minister. mr. romney stopped earlier in the uk for the olympics and will go on to poland. i am harris faulkner and now back to huckabee. >> i have long said that candidates that run for public office open themselves up for public scrutiny. and their families ought ought to be left out of it as much as i disagree with the policy. in our audience is two wives. you may remember this adfor florida democrat allen grayson before he lost. >> religious fanatics try to take away our freedom and right here in central florida. >> wives submit yourself to your husband. >> he want to impose his on us. >> submit to me. >> and force the women to bear the child. >> submit to me. >> hands off our body our laws. >> wow. all right. that adtook republican dan websters totally out of context but it didn't work for alen gr
. eighth of the season. a's scored 40 runs in the last four fames. only three and a half back of texas. they go the sweep in baltimore on sunday. >>> family day for the giants players, the kids on the field. fun. playing the documenters. -- dodgers. matt kemp. triple shy of she cycle. zito allows four runs in five. in the seventh, ugly. ellis crushes one to left. eighth of the season. 5-0 dodgers. yesterday's hero, hanley ram's, in the seventh, dours between the gap. prinze home matt kemp. ramirez, three rbis-dodgers crush the giantses 10-0. >> we're going to have games like this. you look like you're flat, and that usually goes when you don't hit. we need a spark somewhere. somebody driving in a run or doing something, and we're missing that in the last couple of days. >> it's the major leagues. nothing is easy here. so, we're excited to come down to it and we're almost to august. we're excited to come down to the wire, and fight it out for the next two months. >> mike: earthquakes hosting the chicago fire oning wig day. ross from outside the box. eighth minute of stoppage time. lenh
who one friend called a true texas gentleman who loved life and his family. a keen sense of humor. rebecca wingo. the 32 was back at the school and studying to help foster children and friends say she did it with a smile that lit up the room. jessica ghawi. her smile is familiar to many. she was the first name we heard when she was the first victim identified. boyfriend jay mayoff remembers. >> i guess like a fire cracker, she was exploding with personality and charisma. >> reporter: a 24-year-old sportscaster she used the last name of redfield on air. it was her fiery red hair and electric personality that made close to her know that she would be a star one day. >> i have no doubt in my mind she would have done it and she would have been someone that the whole world would have known for a different reason. >> reporter: but jessica, like 11 others, will now be remembered because the unimaginable happened. for those left behind, there is mourning, a fight to find meaning, and a search for some kind of peace. a search that drove jessica ghawi to write words that turned out to be pro
degrees. that is the forecast going through thursday. >>> and take a look in texas, a memorial service held today for 15 victims of a rollover crash. that truck was filled with undocumented immigrants. customs enforcements agents say they were from guatemala, honduras and mexico. the cause of the accident, well, a damaged front right tire is being blamed. >>> and an image that has become too familiar. movie theatre turned into a murder scene. the colorado suspect linked to the mass shooting spree is going to be in court tomorrow. james holmes expected to be formally charged with 12 counts of first degree murder among other charges. police say holmes killed 12 people at the theatre. 58 others were injured when he opened fire. court documents show he was a patient of a psychiatrist at the university of colorado, where he was attending school, had been attending school, before the attack. >>> well, before aurora, there was columbine. the school shooting in 1999 also outside denver. it killed 12 students and one teacher. two students were blamed in that attack. craig scott was wounded. his
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